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About Brock Mathews, Professional Land Surveyor, Engineering Intern

land surveyor enterprise al - brock mathewsMr. Mathews’ experience includes various different types of land surveying and mapping.  He has completed and been in responsible charge of large boundary and topographic surveys, as‐built surveys, and engineering design surveys.  Mr. Mathews has been involved with every aspect of the project including budgeting and planning, coordinating field activities, reduction and compilation of field data, and preparing final drawings of the project.    Mr. Mathews has consulted with design engineers in regards to issues and complications that are present in the projects and offered professional advice on the appropriate means to resolve the issues.  Mr. Mathews currently holds numerous registrations throughout the southeast United States.    In addition to land surveying, Mr. Mathews holds a degree in Civil Engineering and will be obtaining his professional registration in the near future.

Professional Registrations:

  • Professional Land Surveyor (PLS), Alabama, 28257
  • Professional Surveyor & Mapper (PSM), Florida, LS6651
  • Registered Land Surveyor (RLS), Tennessee, 2532
  • Professional Surveyor (PS), Arkansas, 1793
  • Licensed Surveyor (LS), Wisconsin, 3067
  • Professional Land Surveyor (PLS), North Carolina, L‐5230
  • Engineering Intern (EI), Alabama, 16289

Type of survey projects completed includes:

Summarized Project Experience Survey

  • Rock Creek Sewer Rehabilitation – Dothan, AL
  • Houston County Water System Expansion ‐ Taylor, AL
  • Foley Materials Company ‐ Phenix City, AL
  • Opp South Lagoon Sewer Outfall ‐Opp, AL
  • Bruce Creek Subdivision ‐ DeFuniak Springs, FL
  • Dothan Emergency Operations Center ‐ Dothan, AL
  • Taylor Water System Expansion ‐ Taylor, AL
  • Opp Sewer Expansion ‐ Opp, AL
  • Opp Industrial Access Road ‐ Opp, AL
  • Ashford Wastewater Treatment Plant ‐ Ashford, AL
  • CP Homes Development Contract Surveyor – State of Alabama
  • CP Homes Development Contract Surveyor – State of Tennessee
  • CP Homes Development Contract Surveyor – State of Arkansas
  • Contract Surveyor – Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
  • Pea River Enterprise – Samson, AL
  • Westville Water System Expansion – Westville, FL
  • Vernon Sewer Expansion – Vernon, FL
  • Dothan Clean Water Program – Dothan, AL